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Blown Glass Sand Globes – Perfect spheres individually blown from thick (not easily broken) yet optically crystal clear glass, are filled with fine powdered sand and an assortment of beautifully colored seashells, starfish, and tiny seabiscuits. The sphere is flat on the bottom; the seal is made from silicone to prevent sliding or marring of wood or other fine surfaces on which they are displayed. Everyone finds these irresistible –tilting and rearranging the sand and shells endlessly — tropical relaxation therapy you might say!. They can be perfectly deep etched with your logo or other message.

8" $55.; 6" $38.; 5" $25.; 4" $18.; 3" $13. Etching adds $2.25.

We have some truly elegant "gift wrap" options for these, including solid matte gold, lime green, white, indigo blue, or lemon yellow kraft two piece boxes or solid white one piece "lidded" cube overwrapped with a 27" round of jewel tone sheer "organza" tied off with heavy satin cord; we can tie them with seagrass and attach a handcarved tropical wood ornament, for example.



Glass Seashells and Seacreatures -- Made by one of Florida's most highly regarded hot glass artists these won the International Glass Art Society's Niche Award in 1997. Hand cast from red-hot molten glass in molds created by the artist from GENUINE scallop and conch shells, starfish, alligator heads, and fossilized prehistoric shark teeth. Slowly cooled over several days inside a kiln the glass becomes as dense and hard as glass block (almost unbreakable). These are one of our most popular gifts -- they are HIGHLY DETAILED (all the indentations, ridges, and textures of the real thing are evident), very sparkling, crystal white, translucent glass. All sizes are approximate:

Small: Scallop (3.5"x1.75"), Seabiscuit (3.5"x1.5") $10. each

Medium: Starfish (7"x7"), Scallop Shell (5"x1.5"), Conch Shell (6"x4"), Shark Tooth (6"x4"), or Alligator Head (6"x3"). $17.50 each

Large: Alligator Head (8"x4" x2"); Scallop shell (6"x2.5") ground and polished base allow it to "stand" like bookend. $28. each

A logo / message can be etched on most of these on the smooth underside (back of large scallop). Price depends on complexity and size of design. Please inquire.



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